You can recover from mistakes – but if you can avoid them, even better. As an entrepreneur, one of the best guides to learn from is other fellow entrepreneurs. By learning from their mistakes, you can save invaluable time and limited resources. Here are four mistakes that are very common in the world of entrepreneurs: 

Creating a Product and Then Finding a Market
The first step to entrepreneurship is actually the opposite – find an unfilled gap or an underserved market and then fill it. Don’t blindly create a product/service and hope that someone will buy it. Instead, identify a problem and then create a product/service that solves that problem. In some cases, you don’t even need to create a product. You can simply find a way to resell an existing product for profit.

Thinking You Need an Exuberant Amount of Cash to Start
Many aspiring entrepreneurs are afraid to take the leap because of a lack of capital. They think that, in order to succeed, a certain amount of money is needed. Nowadays, however, you can start a business with the minimal investment needed. You can create an online store within minutes and at no cost, get it hosted and online for the world to see for as low as $10 a month, and then advertise through social media platforms or direct mail campaigns. 

Letting Emotions Drive Decision-Making
Emotions have their place in business. You should use it to drive forward even in days when challenges become too heavy to bear. However, for making key business decisions, one must stick to logic rather than emotions. Hire people who are qualified for the job and not because they’re a relative or friend. 

Letting Rejections Get to You
Rejection is part of being an entrepreneur. Most novices, however, see it as their own personal failure. They treat being rejected as a final judgment to their abilities. In reality, rejection is merely a hiccup or bump in your journey towards growing a business. You simply can’t get a “yes” from every venture capitalist or customer that you approach. 

These are only a few of the many other common mistakes that entrepreneurs make. By acknowledging and avoiding them early on, you can grow your business at a faster pace.