Business is a competitive world. Everyone is looking for an edge, either to reduce costs or to improve efficiency. There are plenty of simple ways that leaders can improve their own productivity and thereby be more available for their teams.

One great example of improved productivity is the two-minute rule. If something takes two minutes or less, do it immediately. The exception to this is email. Starting the day by answering emails can lead to increased emails and drag the whole day down. But for most tasks, the two-minute rule can be an incredible way to get going during the day. It allows leaders to check items off their lists rapidly and really make some progress.

Structuring time can also be helped by making honest priorities. If something seems like a big challenge, don’t leave it to cast a shadow over entire days and weeks. Tackle that project first. Facing it down will feel great. The remaining tasks on the list will also go much more quickly after the big dragon has been slain. Applying this technique properly is a wonderful way to improve mood and productivity.

Another productivity hack is to schedule personal time. Don’t let other people take up every slot in the calendar. Meetings are key, yes, but they’re not everything. It’s important for a leader not to overload themselves. If there’s nothing left for them, there won’t be much left for anyone else, either.

Silence is one of the most under-appreciated and powerful things in negotiations. It is okay to let a statement hang, as it can be key in becoming a better negotiator. No one has to leap forward with a number, and also no one has to jump on the first offer that’s put on the table. Learning to become comfortable with silence is key to making progress in the business world.

Finally, it’s important to learn to say no. Most successful people want to get to yes. But a no is sometimes needed. There will always be people looking for a successful speaker to impart their wisdom or a writer to pen a guest blog. Choose among these opportunities carefully. The right ones can have benefits. Accepting too many offers will just be draining.