Being a great leader takes innovation and foresight, and you may find that you need inspiration at times. You can learn from other leaders in your organization, but you may want a truly unique perspective. The opportunity to learn from leaders outside your company and field opens your mind to new possibilities and ways to overcome persistent barriers to performance, both individually and within your team and company. Fortunately, there are plenty of resources available to you. Here are the top four leadership publications that provide in-depth reading, as well as quick tips to help you evolve.

Industry Leaders Magazine
Leadership is best learned from those who are successful and willing to share their challenges and insights. Industry Leaders Magazine is a monthly digital publication that features leaders from a variety of business sectors, such as food service, construction, energy, hospitality, and supply chains. You can find excellent tidbits that can be applied to your own business and role. You can read three blogs per day from this leadership publication.

Faith & Leadership Magazine
Being a leader in a faith-based organization requires a unique perspective that ties to the underlying values. Faith & Leadership Magazine is specifically written for leaders in faith-based industries, yet the approaches and insights can be applied across many fields, including personal development. The publication offers a combination of resources, education, and networking. The publication posts online four times each week.

Association Leadership Magazine
Leadership is ever-evolving as the workforce changes, and new techniques are implemented and proven successful. Association Leadership Magazine keeps you abreast of new trends in leadership, as well as best practices and commentary. The blogs provide information that is easy to digest and use in any type of business setting. You will find information about professional development, leadership, education, and much more in their daily blog posts.

Women Leadership Magazine USA
Women bring a unique perspective to their leadership roles, and their contributions deserve special recognition. Women Leadership Magazine features women in leadership roles who have proven track records of innovation, inspiration, and personal commitment. The publication highlights women in leadership through articles, special features, and professional highlights, and everyone will find the information valuable, informative, and inspiring. Women Leadership Magazine posts once per month.